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New Chase Sapphire card art

Earn 40,000 Points with the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

If you ask any savvy frequent traveler to list his or her top three travel credit cards, chances are good that the Chase … Read More

Where’s Johnny?


How I Got Shingles From Too Much Travel and How to Avoid It

I went to the doctor last Wednesday because I had a really nasty earache, which felt like someone was stabbing my inner … Read More

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Travel Product of the Week: ECBC TSA-Friendly Bags

Pegasus horizontal

I recently sent my cousin to the International Travel Good Show in Las Vegas and he came back with some of the coolest travel gadgets and luggage. I'll be featuring the best of the best in the next few months, and to start: ECBC bags, the only bags with the … Read More

Travel Video of the Week: Fox Dives Headfirst Into Snow


I bet a lot of my friends back east feel like doing this with all of the snow they received this winter—and are still getting (it snowed in Boston on Friday!). In this amazing Discovery video, a North American red fox "pinpoints field mice buried deep beneath … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: Wash Your Hands!


Wash Your Hands! I’ve talked about the importance of washing your hands in an airplane bathroom, but I’ve never advised you flat-out to make sure you always keep your hands clean when you travel (and at home). I was reminded why the other day … Read More

10 things to do in historic Koblenz, Germany

Koblenz Christmas Market

Historic Koblenz, Germany is a treasure for the historian, the wine connoisseur and the nature lover. Koblenz lies where the west flowing Mosel River meets the Rhine River, which comes down from the north. It's surrounded by three low mountain ranges: the … Read More

Travel Contests: April 1, 2015

Good lord, this is a real view

This week's travel contests include: Win a trip for two to Switzerland Win a $16,700 trip for two to Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympics Win a week-long Caribbean cruise for four Win a trip to the Bahamas Win a trip for two to a spa in Cabo San … Read More

Travel Website of the Week:

It took me a while to learn most of the major airport codes around the world but now that I have them down pat, it feels normal to speak in this code when talking to industry people and my aviation geek friends. I’m often asked what airport I’m referring to, … Read More

Travel App of the Week: Postagram


Up until a few years ago, one thing was certain when I traveled: I'd always send a postcard to my family members. These days sending postcards the old fashion way is nothing but a hassle. First, you have to find a store or stand that sells them (which isn’t … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: Look at Airline Partner Sites when Booking Flights

Look at Partners United Double

Look at Airline Partner Sites when Booking Flights When you're pricing out flights, don’t just go to the site of the airline with which you want to earn miles. Instead, search multiple sites (including our search engine) and their partner sites, as well. You … Read More