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Emily Jablon

Travel Style: Emily Jablon

Want to know how to travel in style, just like the pros? We check in with frequent fliers to find out how often they … Read More

Where’s Johnny?

Jim McLean Golf Center-Texas

Private Lesson at Jim McLean Golf School

The Jim McLean Golf Center-Texas (8940 Creek Run Road, Fort Worth, Texas; 8917-303-4370) is regarded as the #1 golf … Read More

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Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Taxi Precautions


Taxi Precautions Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from reader William S., who says: "When taking a taxi in an unfamiliar place, pull up a map of your route using GPS on your smartphone. … Read More

Star Wars Fans: ANA Has a Plane For You

Get ready to geek out Star Wars fans because ANA is bringing you a snazzy R2-D2 Jet via its newest 787-9 Dreamliner which will be making international flights in fall 2015. Yes that's right for the first time ever, a Star Wars character will appear on the … Read More

Beyond the music: 5 things to do in California’s Coachella Valley

Quintessential palm trees

Just over two hours from Los Angeles and boasting its own international airport, the Coachella Valley is a fun, active destination for Angelenos looking for a quick getaway and travelers looking to bask in Southern California’s perpetually sunny weather. Every … Read More

United updates international economy meals and beverages

United B787 Dreamliner

United has announced it will be revamping its international economy food and beverage service. Beginning on June 1, customers in economy class will receive a complimentary three-course meal, complimentary beer and wine, and snacks for purchase. While … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Leave Dogs in Cars

Lindsay featured Don't Leave Dogs in Cars Today's tip comes from Johnny Jet contributor Lindsay Taub (Twitter handle @lindsaytaub), who brings up an important point with temperatures rising (see her Instagram post above): "As summer is … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: How To Request Missing Frequent Flyer Credit


How To Request Missing Frequent Flyer Credit Yesterday’s tip was about saving your boarding passes so you can ensure you get frequent flyer credit for the flights you've taken. If you don’t see credit for a flight you’ve taken after 15 days, I recommend … Read More

My Sports Weekend in Fort Worth, Texas

Billy Bob’s Texas

Howdy! If you're following me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or Periscope (this week's Travel App of the Week) then you know I was just in Fort Worth, Texas with my buddy Lee Abbamonte. The city of Fort Worth invited us down so we could experience some … Read More

Barclaycard’s Travel Community Offers Participation Miles


These days, there are lots of great communities to be found online where like-minded people can gather to exchange ideas, share experiences, ask questions and get great advice from others, especially in the travel sphere. But not many communities that I can … Read More