Johnny Jet Radio Interview with Rick Steves


Good news! I just found out my interview with Rick Steves is going to air this weekend on Public Radio. It will be nationwide and pretty much all of the stations have a different time so use this handy station finder link from Rick’s website to find out when. I’m the first guest and you don’t have to go out of your way to listen since it’s now available online in their program archives. And here’s the link for a behind-the-scenes account of my trip up to Seattle where we recorded it.


  1. […] show recently in downtown LA. It was great to run into two of my favorite travel heroes – Johnny Jet and Rick Steves, who literally was my savior living in England and traveling a great deal of Europe […]

  2. […] attending the annual speakers dinner with some of the most amazing travelers in the world like Rick Steves, Don George, Andrew McCarthy, Rudy Maxa, Josh Gates, Julia Dimon, Marybeth Bond and my wife Natalie […]

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