Maid Café in Tokyo, Japan

Hiroshi, my Japanese friend from college took me and Facebook sensation Hitomi Kumasaka to dinner to a Korean BBQ (you grill your own meat). Afterwards, we walked a couple blocks in the snow to a bizarre place called Maid Café. They have multiple floors and we went to the main one on the fourth floor.

Walking into the shop I felt like we were in the Harold and Kumar movie or that I was tripping because it was fairly small and there were about eight 30-something year old guys playing video by themselves or board games with the cute 20-something year old French maid workers. The maids spoke little English and it costs about $20 USD a piece for a drink (I had hot cocoa) which comes with a Polaroid pic of one of the girls. You get to choose which maid and what kind of ears you want to wear and your pose that you all do up on stage. As you can see my photo below I went with a heart while Hiroshi did the Cat. Afterwards the girls take their time decorating the photos and they were in their own little world having fun doing it. You can only use cash (YEN) and no pictures from your camera or phone are allowed.


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