What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Seen Passengers Do On Plane

I’m presently flying across the country on American Airlines and the person sitting behind was just clipping her nails and not picking them up. I think that’s pretty damn nasty and a bunch of people who follow me on Twitter and Facebook do too. I’ve obviously seen much worse but was wondering what’s the worst thing you’ve ever seen a passenger do on a plane? Please leave your comment below so everyone can see it and not just me.

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  1. Charyn Pfeuffer says:

    It grosses me out when parents change their baby’s diaper on the folding tray table. Yes, I get that some airlines don’t have baby changing stations in their teeny tiny bathrooms, but don’t subject fellow passengers to your kid’s stinky mess. Nasty.

  2. I once saw someone use the tray table as a changing table. It was very icky and they didn’t even wipe it down afterwards. BTW, we were mid-taxi and almost at the gate.

  3. I once saw a guy picking lice out of a woman’s hair on a plane. Everyone had to deplane so they could sanitize everything. Gross.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well at least once they clip their nails, they will Not be able to pick their nose….

  5. Paint their toenails. Years ago, on a flight through Salt Lake City. Though the fumes made my mid-flight beer unnecessary…

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