Needles on a Plane?!

I just read this CNN Breaking News story about sewing needles found in four turkey sandwiches on separate Delta Airlines flights from Amsterdam to the United States.  I find this scary as hell, don’t you? Just a couple of months ago I got an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of an airline catering company at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. I saw first-hand all the preparation and safety measures that go into airline food. Some of the things I found interesting were:

  • They use handheld computers to record and trace every food item  so if there’s ever  a food alert, they can identify the source within five minutes. There are usually two alerts a month, with only one testing positive for food poisoning a year — this usually happens in the summer with red cheese. The catering company usually gets about three allegations of food poisoning per year.
  • By law the pilot and co-pilot have to have different ingredients in their food and that are not made in the same kitchen as the passengers and flight attendants.
  • The president of France and other heads of state have their meals made in the first class kitchen. But the president of the United States has his own people make their food.

After this Delta Airlines incident I think the flying public will now be apprehensive about eating airline food. I bet we will see more passengers bringing their own food on board– I know I will be.

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