Chancery Court Hotel London

Chancery Court Hotel
British Airways put me up at the five-star Chancery Court Hotel (252 High Holborn London, WC1V 7, EN, United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7829 9888). It used to be a Renaissance Hotel but is now part of the Preferred Hotel Group so you know it’s swanky. It’s just a block from the Holburn Tube station (take a right out of the station) and the hotel’s grand entrance is right there. Walking down the driveway I noticed a bunch of flashy cars all with signs for Visa since it was the credit card’s host hotel for its delegation. I’m sure Michele Kwan, the former winter Olympic champion, was with them as she checked out the day I checked in.

Walking around London
By the time I got to my room it was around 11 am so I downloaded my emails and took a hot shower so I didn’t get tempted to crawl into the huge comfortable looking bed. Then I quickly got dressed and walked around the neighborhood to explore. It was a typical London summer day – one minute it was warm and sunny and the next it was cool and rainy. When the sun didn’t look like it was going to return I went back to my room and broke my anti-jetlag rule and took a nap. I know it was so wrong but the bed was just too nice and it felt so good.

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