The Best London Travel Tip Goes To…

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In collaboration with Johnny’s Olympic trip, we asked all the Johnny Jetters out there to share their favorite travel tip for London town. And after much thought, we’d like to congratulate Toby Cone.

For any of you looking to pay Her Majesty a visit, take note of his advice:  My favorite travel tip for London is hop on a bus, get the first seat on top, and enjoy the sights from up high!

Short, sweet, and useful! Cone wins an autographed copy of Dancing in the Fountain, How to Enjoy Living Abroad by Karen McCann, seat covers by NiceSeats, the TSA-approved Travel Bags Multi Pack,  2 GoGo Inflight Internet sessions, a “Trippy“ American Apparel T-shirt, and a South Coast Plaza luggage tag. (All together valued at $100 USD.) Enjoy!

Thank you again for all your submissions. This week, stay tuned for the always fun and easy Caption It contest!

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