Travel App: ZabKab

ZabKab  --  an app that allows you to “hail” a NYC taxi
Here’s a cool, brand new free smartphone application called ZabKab. It allows users in New York City to hail a taxi. The app broadcasts potential passengers GPS location to taxi drivers who sign up to ZabKab (drivers pay $14.95 a month – the first 45 days are free). If a user taps the ‘hail’ button drivers in the area will be alerted and users will see them on the map. Users can also include info like how many people are in their party and/or if they need a cab that is wheelchair accessible. The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission regulations (TLC) are strict and they require only Medallion taxi drivers to pick up hailing passengers so no worries about getting gypsy drivers. Since the TLC prohibits their Medallion taxi drivers from using a mobile device they can only view the app while at a standstill. When the taxi starts to move the app display fades away. ZabKab is available on the iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.


  1. You are a moron. “no worries about getting a gypsy cab”. Do you normally write about things you know nothing about? All you need to sign up to do pick ups is a valid email address. You do not need a drivers license ZabKab does not check against readily available databases from the TLC.

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