Johnny’s Honeymoon Contest-Win 25,000 Marriott Rewards Points

Johnny is about to get hitched, and instead of taking time to bask in marital bliss, he and Natalie are hopping on a plane and jet setting for their honeymoon. While their destination is top secret for now, Johnny wants his readers to try their hand at guessing what romantic locale he and his bride will be visiting starting next week, September 18th.

Natalie and Johnny are honeymoon bound.

What You’ll Win: Johnny Jet has partnered with Marriott Rewards to give away 25,000 rewards points- redeemable at any Marriott Hotel- to the lucky winner. With thousands of hotels all around the world, the possibilities are endless. And who knows, maybe Johnny’s romantic trip will inspire you to surprise someone special!

How: Leave your guess in the comment section below. Include your name and an email address. Contestants must either subscribe to Johnny’s newsletter or follow him on Facebook or TwitterAll official contest rules apply. The person with the CLOSEST guess to Johnny and Natalie’s exact location will win, so be specific!

When: The last day/time to enter will be on Monday, September 17th at 6pm PT. The winner will be announced Thursday, September 20th and be contacted by a representative.

Important: In the case you win, you must be a Marriott Rewards Member to redeem your points. Not a member yet? No worries, sign up now for free.

Stay tuned: This won’t be Johnny’s only stop on his honeymoon. That’s right, he’s visiting TWO romantic spots on his epic celebration of matrimony. Keep your eyes open for another chance to win when we announce a second contest in the coming week!


  1. Jordan Campbell says:

    St. John, US Virgin Islands

  2. Casablanca, Morocco

  3. Santorini and Mykonos Greece

    And congrats!

  4. Bora Bora

  5. Paris, France

  6. Venice, Italy

  7. John Heckman says:


  8. Bali

  9. Italy – Sardegna or Southern coast.

  10. Nicole McFarland says:


  11. Male

  12. Four Seasons-Bora Bora

  13. Prague, Czech Republic

  14. HAVE BEEN WAITING TO HEAR THIS GOOD NEWS SINCE CHRISTMAS……..THE ENGAGEMENT………….WELL I will guess FIGi……..Congratulations and Best Wishes……………and have a fabulous wedding. Have pics put up for all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Hawaii

  16. Ritz Carlton Kapalua.

  17. Matthew Riter says:


  18. Grand Cayman Island

  19. Erie,PA

  20. Taha’s and Bora Bora. t

  21. moorea and Bora Bora

  22. How about a hint! Johnny’s been everywhere. Has he been to the Maldives?

  23. Seychelles & Maldives

  24. Kathy Marsh says:

    Fuji! Congratulations!!! Have a beautiful wedding and lifelong happiness!

  25. Dawn Hawkinson says:


  26. Jordan Grace says:

    Trump International Hotel & Tower, Toronto

  27. Seychelles and Best Wishes

  28. Cinque Terre, Italy

  29. Patricia Baldwin says:

    Tahiti and her islands

  30. Necker Island

  31. Kuala Lumpur

  32. Los Cabos

  33. Tahiti

  34. Las Vegas!!!

  35. Hawaii and Bora Bora

  36. Maldives

  37. Its gotta be the Wigwam Motel in Rialto, Calif…..and congrats!!

  38. Capri, Italy

  39. French Polynesia

  40. Mauritius

  41. Ischia!

  42. San Juan, Puerto Rico

  43. Michael M....... says:

    I’m going to guess that you are going to my favorite Marriott resort, the Wailea Marriott Resort in Maui. Congrats Johnny and Natalie!!

  44. Cook Islands

  45. If you liked your West Jet flight, then maybe you’ll take another from YYZ to PLS, which is where I am now. :) All the best!

  46. God Bless you both with all His choicest blessings…good health, good friends, family, faith and LAUGHTER! Oh yeah…ya gotta be going to Villa d”Este!

  47. Buenos Aries, Argentina. Congratulations!

  48. Tricia Mattson says:

    New Zealand.

  49. St. John, USVI

  50. Scrub Island — you can use your marriott points!

  51. Seychelles

  52. My guess (and this is where my son went on his honeymoon) The Maldives

  53. Tahiti. Congratulations Natalie and Johnny!!

  54. Sri Lanka

  55. Debbie DeWolf says:

    Buenos Aires, Argentina (previously entered anonymously at 9:41am)

  56. Udaipur, Rajasthan

  57. Congrats! i guess South Africa

  58. Bermuda

  59. Great Barrier Reef Australia – Lizard Island
    If that is not where you are going, you should add it to your list

  60. Mark DeRoche says:

    Johnny and his bride will be staying on the Isle of Capri for their honeymoon. Where else!!!

  61. Seychelles

  62. Rome, ITALY!!

  63. Poconos- the Honeymoon Capital of the World!

  64. St. Lucia

  65. Kathryn Heslinga says:

    Qamea Resort Fiji

  66. Taj Exotica Resort in the Maldives

  67. Jennifer Quan says:

    Halifax, Nova Scotia

  68. JW Marriott Guanacaste, Costa Rica

  69. Cairnes, Austrailia and my wife and I wish you the very best.

  70. helen robinson says:

    congratulations – is your honeymoon on the island of Fyn Denmark?

  71. Goa, India

  72. St. Barts

  73. They’re going to Japan. I’m going to guess Kyoto specifically. Of course, that’s just because the photo above looks like an ANA biz class cabin.

  74. Maui, Hawaii

  75. sharon miller says:

    Bora Bora in an over the water bungalow so u can watch the gorgeous fish swim under your bed! & elsewhere in the room. Most romantic place in the world. And because Tahiti is located close to equator, sunset is around 6’ish pm ALWAYS and that’s what honeymooners require, right?

  76. if not a Seabourn cruise with maybe a stop at that desert hotel. in Dubai near the Quarters.then his sisters backyard in Delray…many congrats to you and natalie

  77. Venice, Italy

  78. Maldives.

  79. somewhere near the ocean, tropical…Bora Bora? Hope you have a lovely time at your wedding and looking forward to celebrating with Mr & Mrs Johnny Jet!!!

  80. A safari in South Africa.

  81. Anna Margaret Binder says:

    The Taj Mahal in indai

  82. 1) Moorea and Bora Bora
    2) Erie PA and the Poconos

  83. Steven Martin says:


  84. London

  85. Fiji for sure…

  86. Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands

  87. I’m thinking about as far away as “far away” gets: Desroches Island, Seychelles. And if not, why not??? ;)

  88. adam anderson says:

    St. Lucia

  89. Paris close to the Eiffel tower

  90. jeff fulkerson says:

    Marriott – Koloa, Kauai, Hi

  91. Sydney Australia, especially at this time of year

  92. Honolulu Hawaii

  93. Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa.

  94. Four Seasons Bali – Jimbaran Bay
    That’s where I’d go… sigh

  95. San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

  96. Necker Island

  97. Palawan, Phils

  98. Bali … Congrats to you & Natalie!! My husband & I celebrate our 10th anniversary this November

  99. Iceland

  100. Justin Tyler says:

    Congrats, enjoy the honeymoon in Wellington, New Zealand

  101. Of course it would be an island, so my pick is Vancouver Island. Johnny further shows his commitment to Natalie’s Canadian roots…

  102. Jordan Grace says:

    Aires, Argentina

  103. Debbie DeWolf says:

    Florence, Italy.

  104. Seoul

  105. I’d say Rio, Brazil

  106. Seychelles (private island) for the first week. Congratulations!

  107. This is simple. South America Machu Picchu

  108. Lucca, Italy

  109. Burt Spiegel says:

    Hong Kong. Congratulations on a long awaited event.

  110. Capri, Italy and somewhere in Greece

  111. Greece and Turkey

  112. #TBEX in Girona.



  113. Australia. All over Australia. And staying in Marriotts :-)

  114. Room 331, Overwater Bungalow, Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora…
    One of the most beautiful and romantic spots on earth!
    Bon Voyage and Congratulations!

  115. Bali, Indonesia

  116. Seychelles, Maldives, Bali- the best!

  117. Seychelles………..

  118. Bali!

  119. Christchurch, New Zealand

  120. Jordan Grace says:

    La Réunion

  121. Moscow. Then some place in Italy. Just my guess. Either way, I’m coming with you so just let me know.

  122. Spain

  123. Monica Demian says:

    Vanuatu Island

  124. Jocelyn Christie says:

    Let’s try Paris and Bali. But it really doesn’t matter where you go because it’s going to feel like magic just being together right now.

  125. Well John, I didn’t tally the votes, but I will say that the Islands of Tahiti are coming up quite often here!! I have a feeling you have something sneaky up your sleeve though – Iceland would be my guess… Of course, if it is Tahiti, I’d say Bora Bora to Taha’a to Tikehau with a Moorea finish ‘;-)

  126. Bali

  127. Turks and Caicos

  128. Honolulu, Hawaii

  129. Doris Byrnes says:

    Bora Bora or another destination with a fantastic Marriott like the Guanacaste in Costa Rica

  130. Bangkok, Thailand Congrats!!!

  131. New Zealand

  132. david hunter says:

    my guess is iceland. either reykjavik ( neat clothing shops)or akureyri (northern lights if ski is clear)


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