Guess Where Johnny’s Jetting and Win a $500 Overnight Bag and More!

Johnny’s about to whisk away on another fantastic adventure that he is extremely excited about. Once again you have the chance to win a fantastic prize for guessing where he’s headed!

Here’s a picture from one of Johnny’s previous trips to this mysterious destination.

Guess where?

What You’ll Win: This week’s prize is a beautiful leather Captain’s Bag from Barrington (retails for $500). This 14 in x 21 in. bag is the perfect size for an overnight trip and features inside and outside pockets and brass details. You will also receive a copy of 1,000 Places to See Before You Dieby Patricia Schultz, a quintessential travel guide for anyone looking to explore the world, and some secret swag from the destination.

How: Leave your guess in the comment section below. Include your name and an email address. Contestants must either subscribe to Johnny’s newsletter or follow him on Facebook or TwitterAll official contest rules apply. If multiple entrants are correct, a winner will be chosen at random from that pool.

When: The last day/time to enter will be on Saturday, October 6th at 1 pm PT. The winner will be contacted by a representative.

Stay tuned: We will be back next week with a new caption contest! And be sure to check out Johnny’s Facebook and Twitter where he might drop a hint of where he’s heading.


UPDATE: As Johnny is busy on his exciting trip in Australia, we will be announcing this contest’s winner early next week!


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  1. Davis John Abraham says:

    Kerala, India

  2. William Chinn says:

    Vancouver, Canada

  3. Mel Larsen says:


  4. Anne Thomas says:


  5. Koh Samui

  6. Nicole McFarland says:


  7. John Denholm says:


  8. Joe Szopa says:

    The Virgin Islands.

  9. gidget pereny says:

    San Juan Islands

  10. Jan Alleva says:

    Coos Bay Oregon

  11. Tara MacDonald says:

    Vancouver, Canada

  12. St. Lucia. And there’s a typo in the first sentence- it’s WHISK, not WISK! :)

  13. Jonathon Squires says:

    Victoria Canada

  14. Paul Glassman says:


  15. Santa Barbara,,,,,,,,,California Rivera!

  16. My standard answer for Johnny’s journeys. I will get it right one day! Necker Island.

  17. San Juan Islands, Washington

  18. Chris Roberts says:

    Seattle Washington

  19. Kathleen Heerwagen says:


  20. Madagascar

  21. Sunne Nicholas says:


  22. Scotland

  23. Portland, Oregon

  24. Switzerland?

  25. Martha’s Vineyard

  26. Anonymous says:

    You’re visting home on lake erie

  27. Bora Bora

  28. Seattle, WA

  29. Phuket, Thailand

  30. Home in CT

  31. Thailand?

  32. Kim Button says:


  33. Orcas Island, Washington

  34. China

  35. Friday Harbor, WA

  36. Vancouver Island. And… if you did, the Wickaninnish Inn would be a fab place for you and Natalie to spend some time.

  37. bobbiblogger says:

    Erie, PA

  38. Cyprus

  39. judy karwacki says:

    Looks like a shot from West Vancouver looking over Juan de Fuca Strait, the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island

  40. Phil Spada says:

    Rajasthan, India

  41. Canada

  42. lake erie

  43. kathy Goodman says:


  44. Randy Honeycutt says:

    New Zealand

  45. Jackie Hansen says:


  46. Rafael LLuberes says:

    Erie, Pennsylvania

  47. mommafrica says:

    Bora Bora!

  48. XENIA YEE says:

    Your next trip will be -Webb Lake, Weld, ME

  49. DORIS HANSEL says:


  50. Kristy Allen says:

    Port Townsend, WA

  51. Can’t tell if my first comment went through; I’m guessing Greece!

  52. Candace P says:


  53. Vancouver, BC

  54. Vancouver, Canada

  55. West Vancouver, Canada. Shot from Erwin Park or nearby, looking out of Burrard Inlet and across the Strait of Georgia.

  56. Bar Harbor, Maine

  57. This is Goa, India

  58. Corky Putt Putt says:

    Vancouver, Canada

  59. Australia

  60. My guess is Thailand

  61. It’s beautiful, wherever it is. Is it Bali?

  62. Kirill Makarov says:

    Santa Barbara, CA

  63. Australia! Have fun!

  64. That looks like a beach near San Francisco, California. Maybe Ocean, China, or Fort Funston Beach.

  65. Elizabeth says:

    San Juan Islands

  66. Joining the crowd…San Juan Islands, WA

  67. San Juan Islands, WA

  68. Sydney!

  69. Kendra Gauntlett says:


  70. Kendra Gauntlett says:

    new zealand

  71. Jake Jones says:

    I’m going to say Booth Bay harbor in Maine

  72. Bali?

  73. Rafael LLuberes says:

    Hamilton Island, Austrailia.

  74. Bernadette says:


  75. Maui

  76. Elizabeth Austin says:

    Puerto Rico

  77. Christine Pincince says:

    New zealand…wish we were going with you and congradulations on your marriage.

  78. Kathy Gass says:


  79. Helen Rylee says:


  80. Sydney, Australia!


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