How to get from Incheon Airport to Downtown Seoul

Incheon Airport to Gangnam
I didn’t make any arrangements for transportation so I asked our flight attendant what was the best way to go from the ICN airport to downtown. She said a taxi would be expensive and taking the train is fastest but not the most convenient since we were staying in Gangnam (the financial and business district of Seoul). It turns out an airport bus was best for the 44 mile drive.

There are a couple airport bus companies to choose from and we went with Korean Air’s own KAL Airport Limo. I almost didn’t because their ad was nonstop on the inflight Skymap so it was annoying but since they offered a $5 discount by buying it on the plane I plopped down my credit card. The price was a very reasonable $25USD for two one-way tickets.

KAL’s buses come every 30 minutes and they are easy to figure out and really comfortable to take. Just line up in front of the bus number and look at the schedule. We took bus number 6704 which dropped us off directly across the street from the Park Hyatt (our hotel).

Pretty much every hotel has a drop off so just find out which bus number to take (there’s an information desk at the airport). I’m going to bet the bus seats are better than any bus you’ve ever been on as they have tons of legroom and fully recline. I was told the drive by car takes about 50 minutes but by bus it took 70 minutes (at 4pm) and the return at the same time took 90 minutes door to door. That’s because our stop wasn’t the first or second one. In fact it was the fourth on the way in.

KAL Bus Tip
If staying at the Park Hyatt and want to save about 15 minutes of driving around in a huge circle, get on at the Intercontinental Hotel which is across the street so you will only have to do one or two stops.

Good to know:

  • At the last pick up the driver bows then collects tickets.
  • Stops are announced in both Korean and English and you need to keep give your luggage tag to the driver to get your checked bag back.
  • For the return I bought them from our hotel concierge and they were $15pp. I think it’s cheaper if you pay cash on the bus but since I didn’t have any more Won left I used my credit card.


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