Does AAA work in Canada?

Does AAA work in Canada? The short answer is yes.

Does AAA work in Canada?

Last night my wife and I met some friends for dinner in downtown Toronto. While looking for parking, I ran over some kind of construction bolt. The thick metal rod which had a large plastic nut, pierced the tire. Instead of pulling it out, I drove another couple of blocks until we found parking.

Natalie was going to call CAA – Canada’s version of AAA, even though she’s not a member. Our friends informed us that my AAA membership would transfer to CAA. We called and they were right! I didn’t have my card on me but CAA couldn’t have been more helpful in tracking down my account in the U.S..

Patched tire

Once verified, it took 15-minutes for a driver to pull up in his pickup truck. The nice Turkish man was going to put Natalie’s spare tire on for no charge but said he could patch the tire and make it like new for $25. Of course, I went with the latter and twenty-minutes later I was back to finishing my delicious Italian food from Enoteca Sociale (416-534-1200).

It’s good to know that AAA’s $48 a year membership (plus a one-time $20 initiation fee) is well worth the money. I had no idea it would work in Canada but it sure came in handy, saved us money and gave us piece of mind before we got back on the road again. In addition to emergency roadside assistance, AAA members can also get free maps, directions and discounts on travel including at restaurants. I use it all the time for 10% off Amtrak.

Obviously, I’m a fan. Thanks AAA.

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