Does South Florida have the worst drivers in the U.S.?

Does South Florida have the worst drivers?

When I arrived at the St. Regis Bal Harbour I posted a comment on my Facebook page stating that “I’m pretty sure South Florida has the worst drivers in the United States. Agree or disagree? It was not only because of the hour-long drive down from Delray Beach that I feared for my life but also my past experiences as well.

While cruising in the middle lane going the speed of traffic (around 65 mph) I saw a car’s headlights rapidly approaching on the right side. The driver must’ve been going around 100 mph because he flew by as he weaved between lanes without a turn signal. If going at Formula One speeds wasn’t bad enough passing on the right hand side (unless you are in England, Australia…) is just a huge no-no. It wasn’t just him either — others followed and day after day I continue to see at least one driver drive like this.

When I posted that South Florida drivers are the worst on my Facebook page I wasn’t expecting the onslaught of comments. Most of my friends agreed with me but others made arguments for their home states like Massachusetts, New Jersey, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Southern California…

So what do you think? Take this poll and we’ll see what the consensus is! Do you agree that South Florida has the worst drivers or if not, nominate another city or state.

Which state has the worst drivers?

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  1. I voted for New York. Our drivers are horrible (and very aggressive) here!

  2. It’s funny; “Boston drivers” have always had such a bad reputation. I lived there for nearly 10 years, and while Bostonians may drive fast, for the most part, they’re safe, smart drivers. Florida is another story altogether.

    We moved to Tampa Bay in 2004, and found the combination of drivers in central/south Florida to be a recipe for disaster. It’s a mixture of young speed freaks/drag racers, tourists who don’t know where they’re going, and a subset of retirees who apparently don’t think traffic rules apply to them. I’m not trying to stereotype here; I know the majority of young/retired/tourist drivers are capable and conscientious…but I see examples of each of these types of drivers every time I’m on the road: speed demons weaving in and out of lanes and riding on top of others’ bumpers, lost tourists or leisurely retirees cutting across two or three lanes — regardless of oncoming traffic — to get to their exit, etc.

    I’ve been in more near-miss accidents — and seen more multi-car pileups — in Florida than anyplace else I’ve lived; and if I didn’t have quick reflexes and defensive driving skills, I shudder to think what might have happened. Suffice it to say that my husband sold his motorcycle shortly after we moved to Florida because he didn’t feel it was safe to drive here — and bear in mind, we used to ride in the Boston area! So I completely agree with your assessment of Florida having the nation’s worst drivers.

  3. l voted…but hope this survey does not get in the hands of my insurance carrier!! :-))

  4. l voted for California…but l hope my insurance carrier never finds of this survey!!. (San Francisco & LA, the 2 worst) where there is quite a large # of unlicenced & undocumented drivers, not trained to drive on American roads & speeds and who are too UN-INSURABLE!!. Then ad to that, the unlicensed DUI’ers who after losing the right go on to drive like maniacs avoiding being caught (?). Unfortunately, there is hardly a second choice if you must work.

  5. Florida has more one-car accidents than any state I’ve ever seen, including Mississippi! Truly insane down there. Pay to drive on the toll roads there if only to avoid the trucks and the worst drivers in the country.

  6. I’ve found that this issue in states like Florida, New York and California isn’t the “quality” of the drivers, per se. Instead, it’s that there are drivers from around the world, each with their own interpretations of what is and what is not acceptable protocol, laws aside.

    For instance, if you grew up driving in the US or northern Europe, you’re probably prone to taking turns when merging. If everyone does this, it works fine.

    If you grew up driving pretty much anywhere else, when you go to merge, you look for a spot and race for it. Again, if everyone does this, it works pretty well.

    When you get waiters and racers mixed up together in heavy traffic…watch out! Everyone thinks everyone else is an aggressive or incompetent and traffic flow gets completely messed up.

  7. And they bring those bad habits to NY. Stay back from them they don’t drive right.

  8. I moved here from Tennessee. I know that every city and state has their bad drivers, but I do have to say this. I have driven in a few different states and I have to say the drivers in South Florida are very scary. I work at night at a hotel. Every time I have to leave work late, I find it stressful getting onto 9 north. When I get onto the interstate, I have to get over two lanes or end up going to the airport or 595 west. I look in the rearview mirrow to see if I can get over whle using my blinkers and the one thing I see all the time are drives that will speed up so tht you can’t get ver. Fogive me spelling, kepboard is crpy. not picking al the ltters I am tying. I do knw how to spell, the keybard is a POS. as I get over, all I hear are cars blowingthir horns and not allowing anybody to get over. drivers down here do not know what a blinker is for or ho to use it. They al think that I is just pretty lttle ight. I lso see that if they needmine to get off, they all wait till the last pssible minet to get over and force eerybdy to salmon their breaks that hey can get over and slow down. Why nt this. Get over to get yourself plenay of time to getoff on the exit and not till y ou need to get off and forceeverybody to slam on their breaks, you are nt GOD. Use your blinkers, to ue your blinkers, if yu need to get tot th right, the little stick that is on the left side of your stearing wheel, if you pll up on it, your rght binker will sta flashing and that tlls te other drvers that you need to get over. if you push down on it, the left blinker will startflashing, drivers, whn you see that, you don’t ned to push your dreaks, take you foot of the gas pedel and le them over. On that same note, just because you have a blinker, don’t just come over, allowthe driver to adust themselves to your speed and come over, when you come over just afer you put o your blinker, they forces the other driver to react quicker than they have tim to react.

    I guess what I am saying is this, just use yur brains when yo are driving and what every you do, stay off you damn cell phones while you re drivig and look and signle and wen you see a turn single, don’t speed up, let th other driver over. You kno not in yur own country, you are in America and when you reach a certain age, stop drving. The roads ar fo everybody,not jut you so grow the fuck up, driving is a privlages, not a right.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was a professional traffic reporter for 24 years in Dallas-Fort Worth, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, Phoenix and Miami-Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, Florida. I have studied traffic patterns in such cities as Chicago, Houston, San Antonio and New Orleans. South Florida drivers are absolutely the worst, hands down! First, there are retirees from the Northeast (New York, Boston. Philadelphia, etc.) who had taken public transportation all their lives and move to Florida to begin driving in their 70s or 80s. The rest are from foreign cultures (Caribbean, Central & South America) where any “rules of the road” are ignored and it’s everyone for themselves. It is the total opposite of Los Angeles or San Francisco, where drivers must obey the law just to survive. Within three weeks I am moving from Miami (after being here 28 years) to the rural U.S. Mountain West where the biggest traffic problem is shutting down a highway for a few minutes so a rancher can move his sheep. If you love a nightmare every evening on the expressway system, then by all means, move to Miami!

  10. I have been living in Fort Lauderdale for a year now, work in Miami. Moved here from Chicago and by far South Florida drivers are the worst EVER!!! I fear for my life every time I get into my car, no manners, etiquette, just plain old selfish rude people, its the cultures as someone here commented, these people have no driving rules back at home and this is what they bring to the US. If the humidity doesn’t drive me back to Chicago the rude selfish dangerous driving will for sure. Already looking for a job back at home.

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