Get Your Flu Shot on the Go!

We’re all insanely busy this time of year, but don’t let your health take a back seat! Did you know that airports around the country are offering flu shots to travelers?

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From, a brief list of airports that offer the service:

  • At Chicago O’Hare, one of the nation’s busiest airports, the O’Hare Medical Clinic in Terminal 2 offers flu shots, immunizations, diabetes and cholesterol screenings and more. No appointments are necessary.
  • In Atlanta, flu shots are available in Hartsfield-Jackson’s AeroClinic in the main terminal. AeroClinic also has kiosk locations at Charlotte and Philadelphia airports, where flu shots are available. No appointments necessary.
  • At San Francisco’s SFO, flu shots are available at the SFO Medical Clinic located before security on the Departures/Ticketing Level of the International Terminal Main Hall, on the A side. Appointments are required.

More info about airport vaccines from USA Today:

Through the end of the year, flu shots ($30; pertussis/whooping cough and pneumonia shots also available) are being offered at the O’Hare Medical Clinic center and at several kiosks in the terminals.

Flu shots ($35; cash only) are also available at the AeroClinic in Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Main Terminal (Atrium Level 3) and for $25 at both the Carehere! Walk-in Clinic and Wellness Store (Concourse C) at Nashville International Airport and the Airport Health Station (Ticket Lobby “B”) at Memphis International Airport.

“People are saying it’s a mild flu season,” said O’Hare’s John Zautcke, “But the flu season hasn’t really hit, so get the vaccine while the supply is plentiful.”

And finally, find a flu shot no matter where you are with The Flu Vaccine Finder, powered by HealthMap


  1. Thanks so much for referencing my USA TODAY article about airport flu shots. Unfortunately, you linked to a story that’s a year old. Here’s a link to an article that includes this year’s round-up of airports offering flu shots.


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