Caption It and Win! – Week of 1/16

How the heck am I going to follow up that last contest? I knew that giving away two tickets on Qatar Airways was going to get a good response,  but the number on entries shocked me. Well, not to disappoint, I’ve already got things in the works, so keep watching the site!

For this week’s contest, I’m bringing back the classic caption contest with this photo Natalie took of me in Switzerland. Your prize: a laptop messenger bag from iSafe Bags with a built in alarm to help protect your belongings (Retail value $89.99) and a PowerBar 4200 from FatCat to help you keep your gadgets powered while you’re on the go (Retail value $79.95). So send me your captions for this gem, a Swiss Miss friend and I getting better acquainted.


Leave your caption in the comment section and then either subscribe to my newsletter or follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter in order to win. All official contest rules apply.

Enter by 6 pm PT on Wednesday, January 23rd.


  1. Mary Lankford says:

    Tastes like chicken?

  2. Nice Cowlick!

  3. French Kiss from a Swiss Miss?

  4. Johnny takes a licking…but keeps on ticketing

  5. Moooove over Natalie, this man is mine!

  6. “johnny, how long do I have to keep this pose? my tongue is getting tired!”

  7. How many licks does it take to reach the Johnny Center of a Johnny Jet Pop?

  8. Swiss Kiss.

  9. How very tongue ‘n cheek!

  10. Felicia Travaillot says:

    Cowlicking, does a body good!

  11. carol cassista says:


  12. Here, let me show you something Gene Simmons taught me.

  13. carol anderson says:

    Johnny, you mooooo-ve me

  14. Here’s licking at you Johnny!

  15. “You’ve got a little somethin’ on your cheek there…..Got it!”

  16. COWILINGUS! (Sorry Johnny, I couldn’t help myself…)

  17. This would have been a good time to have an Ostrich Pillow.

  18. I said………. not on the first date.

  19. Claudia C says:

    Sorry, there’ll be no tongue-ing on the first date.

  20. You missed a spot, riiight there!

  21. well, when in rome-antic mood…

  22. Don’t kiss and tell!

  23. Tami Faurote says:

    Your lickin good!!

  24. Nah, give me the pastrami. Hold the tongue.

  25. A kiss from a cow is udderly bovine.

  26. mooo……..oh sooo… l i c k i n g good!!!

  27. Remember your first kiss?

  28. Glenn Robi says:

    All these Americans taste the same!

  29. What happens in Switzerland, stays in Switzerland!!!

    Caption It and Win! – Week of 1/16

  30. Pin the tongue on the Johnny!

  31. Hm, it could use some A1 sauce…

  32. This is what we call, “tongue in cheek” humor!

  33. Does this count as first base?

  34. I’ve got your cowbell right here, but you don’t taste like Bruce Dickinson?!?

  35. “Come on man, don’t leave me hanging”

  36. Let me give you something to remember Switzerland by!

  37. Hey, Johnny, welcome to Switzerland!

  38. Give Ben & Jerry a kiss for me!

  39. This one is mine.

  40. Johnny baby, I’m in the moo-d for love!

  41. Mark Share says:

    Size really does matter!

  42. Rafael Valentin says:

    The new bladeless shave.


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