Video of the Week: Johnny Jet on the Today Show

Johnny Jet on the Today Show

Can you believe I was on “The Today Show” not once, but twice this week?! I don’t think too many people can say that, and I never thought I would be one of them. My first segment aired last Thursday during Kathie Lee & Hoda’s hour, and was about last minute Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend deals (here’s the video). The second spot was on hidden hotel fees, and it ran on Saturday for their weekend edition (video).

While looking for my NBC segments online I discovered a very important news story by Jeff Rossen about hotel room safety. When you lock your hotel door, you assume both you and your belongings are safe, but thieves have developed a simple device that can unlock hotel doors in potentially millions of rooms.


  1. Jeanne Hartman says:

    So Johnny, what should we do about the lock device that is scary easy to get in our rooms?

    • Johnny Jet Johnny Jet says:

      If your hotel has one of those doors then lock up all of your belongings in the safe or take them with you. When in the room use the chain/double lock.

  2. Wow, the link to the hidden hotel fees Today Show video says this video is not available in my country! Does the today show air in other countries?

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