Product of the Week: Rollnband


My wife is an incredible packer and she’s able to use so much space by rolling her clothes. If we had kids, I’m sure she would love this brand new travel accessory. It’s great for parents to roll their kids’ daily outfits to hold them together. This way the pants, shirt and socks are all together and easy to find. Talk about being organized and less stressed. Each pack contains 10 bands, five small and five large. The small band is 9″ in circumference and the large band is 10.5″. Rollnband is constructed of 3/4″ non-roll woven elastic, which helps prevent the band from twisting in on itself. The silicon label is color coded to help in separating clean from dirty clothes upon returning from your travels. Cost: $15.95 … and it’s made in the USA.

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