1. oops! Somehow you missed me! @PointsandTravel –
    Frequent flyer and traveler every six weeks for the last 18 years!

  2. Oh, and you left off Stephanie Sheppard @sjsheppa PR/Social Media Pro for @HyattPR

  3. @FlyerTalk has a HUGE community of frequent flyers who are a great resource for advice…

  4. Hey Johnny, hope you’re well! Do you know Annie Fitzsimmons? She is National Geographic Traveler’s Urban Insider blogger and is teriffic. Good to add to a future list. Happy eve, Rebecca Widness

  5. Great list Johnny!

  6. This is a fantastic list, but I think you should add the online booking sites that millions of people already use to book and track travel…!

  7. This Twitter list will come in handy. Thanks for including me as a Travel Blogger/Writer resource.

  8. I think your links for ONT are wrong – I was tipped off by the fact that Burbank is Bob Hope Airport, not LA/Ontario.

    Burbank Bob Hope (BUR):
    LA/Ontario International (ONT):

  9. Great list, but you missed us. :) We help people choose and plan their career breaks and sabbaticals.

  10. Great list, Johnny! Believe you missed @TheCultureur–thanks! :)

  11. Love this list! Bookmarking!

  12. Hey Johnny – Maybe us? We’re working to help families travel – @greenwooddavis from

  13. Hi, Johnny. I’d love to be included in your list. I write about all things Caribbean – and shopping, too!

  14. Great list Johnny. Would love to see @TravelMaestro included under the travel bloggers. :)

  15. Starwood Hotels can be found @StarwoodBuzz and each of the brands have their own as well. This is a really awesome list that I will be bookmarking and sharing. Thanks for pulling this together.

  16. This is a great list! Hope we can also be included here. @FundMyTravel – we tweet about #travelfund, #crowdfunding, #studyabroad, #volunteerabroad and of course, #travel in general! Thanks!

  17. How about @USNewsTravel? We offer travel guides, feature articles, destination rankings and hotel rankings and reviews!

  18. What a great list John – I found lots of new people to follow. I’m proud to be included – thanks. ~Jerome

  19. Great list. If you add a Luxury section you should include @journeyPod and @luxury_travel

  20. We would love to be added too! @tzelltravel

  21. Great list, but no travel podcasts like @amateurtraveler @indietravel and @travelin10

  22. For tips on authentic (not touristy) travel, I hope your readers will follow @4Luxury_Travel

  23. Serendipity says:

    Please think of adding Lufthansa_usa, Frankfurt airport and definitely Lufthansa Magazine. Follow them and see.

  24. If you ever create a category of Funny, Opinionated Women Behaving Stupidly then my sister and I deserve inclusion!

  25. Hi Johnny,
    This is an awesome list. A solid list of new people to follow. Another good addition to your list would be Matt Gibson (@xpatmatt), adventure travel writer and photographer.

    Also a great a good travel site @FlightNetwork.

  26. John, feel free to add @TravMediaUSA — nearly 16K followers and growing, Tweeting travel news, information for travel PR folks, tourism board news, and TravMedia information of course!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hi Johnny – do you know about @travelwritersuk? Represents 100 UK travel writers on Twitter. The Twitter list of members is at
    – Andrew (@andrewsanger)

  28. It is a great list, thank you for sharing it! I don’t know if I’m worthy just yet; but I have a distinct niche that no one on your list shares. Providing families everything they need to afford culturally rich family travel – starting with convincing them of the incredible economic and cultural rewards of international home exchange. The Trusting Traveler @trustingtravel

  29. WHO WE ARE:
    We are Travel ProGo, a new company launching out of Nova Scotia, Canada that would like to redefine the visitor experience. Our goal is to give travelers the freedom to discover the World and to engage with communities. We believe in “One World” connected through “One App.”

    We believe travel is like a treasure hunt. Adventurers want to find hidden gems and organizations want to find enthusiastic visitors. We help tourists and locals alike to experience the World, and we help organizations to grow their business.

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    Travel ProGo is an app that combines every tourism service imaginable into one easy-to-use platform. It is a Virtual Tour Guide. To learn more about our company,our mission, our products and services please

  30. Nancy Reid says:



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