Travel Website of the Week: Airport Wi-Fi Access Chart

Airport Wi-Fi Access ChartDon’t you hate it when you arrive at an airport only to learn that it doesn’t have free internet? Thanks to for putting this comprehensive chart together to show you everything you need to know about connecting to the internet at major airports around the globe so that you’re in the know before you go.


  1. Never experienced a time limit on free Wi-Fi at LAX in a few terminals where I used it.


  1. […] Wi-Fi Trick #1 I think all airports should offer free Wi-Fi but surprisingly many still don’t (here’s a pretty good list). My trick for finding free Wi-Fi? Hanging out in front of or near an airline’s club lounge, […]

  2. […] it’s not a standard offering for all passengers. Well, there are some airports that do offer it (here’s a good resource) but only for, say, 15 minutes (like Paris or Frankfurt, for example). That’s better than […]

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