Travel Tip of the Day: Global Entry, NEXUS and Sentri

Global EntryGlobal Entry, NEXUS and Sentri
If you travel internationally at all (and especially if you do it frequently), you need to get Global Entry ($100). If you travel to and from Canada often, then you need NEXUS ($50)—and it’s Sentri ($122.25) for frequent travelers to and from Mexico. No matter which one makes sense for you, it will be the best money you’ve ever spent as it will mean you’ll be able to breeze past the customs and immigration lines—which will now take about two minutes.

You must be approved for each status, but if you’re approved (and it’s not hard), your status is valid for five years. Just make sure to apply soon as the in-person appointments (after you apply) are getting harder to come by. Check out my post on the programs for more information.

BONUS TIP: If you have the American Express Platinum card (you can get it here) they will pay the $100 Global Entry fee!



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  1. Note that if you get Nexus it is only $50 and covers you for the exact same benefits as Global Entry as well as fast entry into Canada and Mexico. I learned the hard way, I got Global Entry and since I was traveling to Canada often for work, I applied for Nexus to get the perk of bypassing customs lines and interrogation there too. My short interview, retina scan and $50 got me all that and it invalidated my Global Entry card. All I need is the Nexus card to do everything the GE card did. What a scam. I spent $150 when I really only needed to apply for the Nexus card to get all the GE benefits and more. Just go Nexus folks, trust me!

    • Hi EJ,

      How long did you have to wait to receive the “conditional approval” after submitting your application to NEXUS? It has been 3 weeks since I applied and it is still “Pending Review”….

      Thanks in advance for the quick reply.

  2. Anonymous says:

    EJ — did you mean to say that getting Nexus made redundant your Global Entry card? As far as I’m aware — getting a Nexus card in addition to a GE card doesn’t “invalidate” it, since you can’t use a Global Entry card to access Sentri or Nexus lanes at the Mexican and Canadian borders, respectively.

    It might have been helpful for you to read the fine print — Global Entry is predominantly used to facilitate faster movement through customs when returning to the US by air from countries outside of North America.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Incorrect, anonymous May 26. From CBP’s own site:

    The Global Entry Card can be obtained by Global Entry (GE) members who are U.S. citizens, lawful permanent residents or Mexican nationals. It allows GE members to use trusted traveler lanes at the land borders between the U.S. and Mexico, and for entry into the U.S. via NEXUS/SENTRI lanes at the border. (Your GE card cannot be used for entry into Canada.)

  4. I just checked the usa immigration website ( and it says there are TWO fees to get a nexus card: one for $50 and one for $129.99 to IVT. So the total cost is $179.99. Is the second fee a new one? If so, it’s now not as good a deal :( Or am I reading it incorrectly? Thanks in advance!

    • Johnny Jet Johnny Jet says:

      Hmmm… Let me ask my contact at NEXUS about the $129

    • Johnny Jet Johnny Jet says:

      I just spoke to my NEXUS contact and this is what they had to say: “No this is an immigration broker.

      This is the official Government of Canada Web site for NEXUS applications. The NEXUS fee is $50 (CAN or US). Third party service providers may offer services for submitting your application and may charge an additional processing fee. This additional fee is not part of the official NEXUS application fee and is retained by the third party service provider. Expedited services offered by such parties will not assist in expediting your application process.

  5. Bernie Buller says:

    Relating to the interview for Nexus approval: Can this be scheduled at a US consulate ?


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