Hayman helicopter tours: Above it all

Whitehaven Beach's Hill Inlet

Whitehaven Beach’s Hill Inlet from the sky

I’ve been in a helicopter three times in my life. Each time, after floating back down to Earth, I’ve arrived at the same conclusion: Everything should be seen by helicopter.

This is not a lesson I apply in practice very often, because I don’t live in GTA V. Helicopters are hard to come by in real, everyday life, as are helicopter pilots, helipads, and the rest of whatever else you need to spin through the air. Luckily, Hayman Island (see my full story here) is the very antithesis of everyday life, and so it proudly offers a number of unbelievable helicopter tours that even include transfer by golf cart to and from its own helipad.

I opted for a Whitehaven Beach Indulgence tour, which involved my Robinson R44 (flown by a guy named Mitchell) literally landing on world-famous Whitehaven Beach (whose white silica sand is so fine that NASA has used it to polish their instruments). Though this option includes a “hand-packed” lunch on the beach, said lunch is pretty much champagne and snacks. So don’t do it for the lunch—take a helicopter tour at Hayman because just getting up in the air (even on the cheaper, 6-minute reef tour) in this part of the world guarantees you a visual symphony unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed.

The sparkling whites, the emerald greens, the endless blues, all swirling together like nature’s best Impressionist painting—better yet just check out the pictures here:

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