Travel Tip of the Day: A Free Place to Sleep

CouchsurfingA Free Place to Sleep
When people tell me they don’t have enough money to travel I always tell them about Couchsurfing is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting a global community of over 6 million members in 100,000 cities—and every country—around the world.

The idea is that everyone interested can travel the world and partake in cultural exchanges for free by sharing couches across the globe. Basically, you can find a place to crash in the place you want to visit, and take more away from the experience because you’re being hosted by a local who wants to share their home.

Couchsurfing users can choose whom they want to host or stay with using the website’s intuitive database, and there’s a verification system implemented to ensure the safety of both the host and the “surfer.” To host members, someone has to vouch for you and you can only be vouched for by someone who’s already a member. I haven’t used Couchsurfing, but I know many that have and love it.



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  1. Couch renting idea. SORRY. Not for me. I have “privacy” issues and like my own room and own bath, etc. Growing up very, very poor with no privacy I vowed to have my own space wherever I went. Yes. Husband goes along with me. I only sleep 4 hours in any 24 so I am very quiet.

  2. Two friends and I couchsurfed in Berlin for a week during the summer. At first we were hesitant, but the people we stayed with had good reviews on the site and after talking to them when we got there we felt comfortable. It was a really cool experience, and we got to see Berlin the way they did.

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