Travel Tip of the Day: Cell Phones at the Table

DinnerCell Phones at the Table
As a general rule, don’t leave your cell phone on the table. It’s rude, someone could snatch it (when dining al fresco) and a waiter or your dining companions might accidentally spill a drink on it. The best thing to do is just put it away.



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  1. If I am with someone with a cel phone (I do not own one) and they interrupt their conversation with me to take or make a call –I will walk away. Period…. This is very
    rude behavior (talking on phone when with another person). So, why do people do it?

  2. thepixinator says:

    Snatch and grabs have become more common, now that phones have gotten more powerful and expensive. Thieves will even take them out of your hand if you’ve zoned out and aren’t paying attention, like when you’re playing games or reading emails.

  3. Leaving a phone on the table is only rude if you use it while in the company of others. While I agree that it’s a security risk that tempts thieves, or you could forget to take it with you, and you risk having something spilled on it, there’s reason I leave mine on the table. While some may think I’m paranoid, and no, I don’t wear a tinfoil hat, but I want the minimize the amount of cellphone radiation that my body is exposed to so I leave the phone on the table.

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