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PrivateWiFi.comI admit it, I’m a Wi-Fi junkie. Wi-Fi makes my job so much easier, since I can essentially work wherever there’s an internet connection. But I also know that most Wi-Fi signals are unencrypted, which means there’s a risk that someone can hack into my computer/phone and steal my files and other personal information.

So whenever I’m working online in hotels, coffee shops, airports and in the air (via Gogo), I’m always careful not to go onto websites with valuable or sensitive personal information (like online banking).

But thanks to, I no longer need to worry about any of that. makes you invisible to the bad guys out there by putting you on a VPN (Virtual Private Network). What’s amazing about this is not only that it protects your identity, sensitive information and personal stuff by encrypting everything you send and receive with bank-level security, but also that you can now watch U.S.-only online videos out of the country (like our Travel Video of the Week). On top of that you can now make Skype calls or log on to websites that are restricted in certain countries since you are now invisible.

Next time you’re traveling, try it for free with their three-day trial. Or download it in full right now for $9.95 a month or $84.95 a year.


  1. LaViajeraMorena says:

    Good to know. Will try this out. Thanks :D


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