Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Leave Without Your Bags

LuggageDon’t Leave Without Your Bags
I’ve seen it happen and I’ve heard countless horror stories: people arriving to the airport by bus or taxi and learning that their bags didn’t make the trip. They trusted that their luggage would be loaded into the trunk of the car or taxi or the undercarriage of the bus, and unfortunately paid the price for it. Always make sure your luggage is loaded into your vehicle before getting in and zooming off to the airport (or wherever you’re going).



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  1. This happened to us. Our shuttle made several stops before ours and they unloaded our bag at an earlier stop. Luckily we caught it and now I watch bags are each stop that bags are shifted.

  2. My family and I were once flying from Manama, Bahrain to New York, a flight we took several times a year. The airport instituted new security measures and we did not hear them say that before we boarded we had to identify our luggage on the tarmac by the plane. When we arrived in New York, where we were staying several days, no luggage! We were dressed in casual clothes including sandals and without coats, and it was snowing. We toughed it through New York for several days in our travel clothes. From there we went on to our home in Florida and our luggage finally caught up with us a week later.

  3. Robert Donlan says:

    Although many of your “tips” seem like common sense- I am very happy to receive them! They sharpen my memory bank to help to avoid these pitfalls and not to become complacent when traveling. Your help is genuinely appreciated. Thank you.

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