Travel Tip of the Day: You, Your Bag and the Overhead Bin

Overhead binYou, Your Bag and the Overhead Bin
If you don’t board an aircraft early enough, there’s a good chance there won’t be any overhead bin space left. And if your bag won’t fit under your seat, the flight attendants or gate agents will force you to check it. If that happens, ALWAYS take out your valuables like electronics, computers, jewelry, medicine, etc. Smart frequent fliers pack a smaller, compact bag just in case this happens.


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  1. this happened to me recently on a KLM flight, they sent my bag with the next flight though so when i got to the destination it was missing. they did deliver it to my destination the next morning so that was great

    • Passengers should have their own overhead cubbies, related to their seat assignments. Using the overhead in any row but your own is just plain rude.

  2. Ohh…,. I *so* agree with this one, Johnny Jet. And please, people, make SURE that you get a bag tag for it! In a last-minute shuffle one day, with a ramp person trying to close the door, the flight attendant handed my carry-on out through the narrow opening to put it in the basement…. it did not go well! Read about it here on my blog…

  3. Those were one of the best travel tips I have come across as it is utmost responsibility to do your duties while on a plane. I will really share your points while I head towards Barbados next week with my family. I

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