Travel Tip of the Day: No Back Packets

PassportsNo Back Pockets
I still see men carrying their wallets or passports in their back pockets. That is a huge no-no. First of all, it’s easy to get pickpocketed when it’s in your back pocket and secondly (and just as importantly) it’s easier for your things to accidentally fall out this way (ask my wife about our trip to Estonia). Always carry your money and valuables in your front pocket, where they’ll be much safer.



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  1. I just read Natalie’s experience in Estonia! Wow…what a harrowing experience that ended in a real “God moment!” What timing! We can all get distracted at times during travel and put a travel document in a place it should never be (like a back pocket of jeans), so this is a good reinforcing tip to be aware at all times of where your passport is. Instead of a front pocket, I keep mine in a certain zipped compartment of the small purse I use when traveling.

  2. Barbara Beau says:

    DON’T do what I did!! I put my driver’s license in my upper coat pocket and then when i got warm I took off the coat and draped it over my arm. Needless to say, the license was never returned to me after I lost it on the concourse. Also, never put it in a top shirt pocket. If you bend over it could be gonzo too.

  3. Yes this happened to a friend when we were in Mexico, they got him for $300.00 and then they came back for more… my friend a Marine felt them try for the front pocket and we think he may have broken the little guys wrist, he was so mad. So please don’t use back pockets and put a rubber band around your wallet it makes it even harder. Good luck / Bonnne Chance.

  4. Better to not carry in front/side pocket either. When we were on Metro in Rome last month, I saw a man with his hand almost in my husband’s right side pants pocket. Fortunately, my husband NEVER carries something important there. Makes more sense to carry in shirt pocket, money belt, something under outer clothes.

  5. thomas reiser says:

    Carrying a wallet in a back pocket can contribute to back problems too!

  6. Hi Johnny,

    I have always put my wallet in front pocket since I was a kid going to New York City on subways.



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