Travel Tip of the Day: Scottevest Security

ScottevestScottevest Security
My last two tips were about safeguarding your money—one tip was mainly for men and the other was for women. But as a reader reminded me, one solution I neglected to mention was to get a Scottevest jacket or vest. Duh!

I’m a huge fan of Scottevest products because they really have helped to streamline the way I travel. I originally learned about the company after one of our writers got mugged in Barcelona. If she and her husband had only had their passports, money and other valuables in one of Scottevest’s 20+ hidden jacket pockets, they would have only lost their luggage and (other) clothes that day.

I recommend Scottevest jackets and vests for hiding your valuables and keeping them on your person—as well as for practical travel. The jacket has so many hidden pockets, it basically serves as a piece of carry-on luggage. Brilliant!

Check out the latest in the Scottevest line here.

Full disclosure: Scottevest sponsored our weekly newsletter over the holidays, but not this tip. We make a small commission on sales but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t truly believe in their products. In fact, I wear one of their jackets pretty much every time I travel.



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  1. I bought the penny coat before a planned trip to Chicago this fall. The coat is advertised to be warm down to 40 degrees F but did not keep me warm with weather in the low 50s. Additionally, the poorly made zipper is bery difficult to keep on its track; i have had to step out of it on three occaisions. I love the idea of the coat, but execution is lacking. I would not buy from them again.

  2. Hey Johnny, i just find my perfect girf as a traveler, thak you so much for sharing this, i´ve been searching something like this.



  3. I received one of their jackets for Christmas, I cannot wait to try it out on my next trip. My Fiance’ always makes fun of me for all of the ‘stuff’ that I cram into my regular jackets, this will make is a breeze.



  1. […] cameras, electrical gadgets, chargers and my computer. For that very reason, I brought along my Scottevest jacket since it has 20+ pockets and can act as a secret third […]

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