Travel Tip of the Day: Strap Up Your Sunglasses

PdddleboardingStrap Up Your Sunglasses
It’s not surprising that this tip came to me a mere minute after falling off my stand-up paddleboard in Hawaii last week (not pictured), when I nearly lost my $150 Maui Jim sunglasses. Why? Because I wanted to wear my sunglasses on the board to combat the strong Hawaiian sun and didn’t think I needed a glasses strap. Luckily, the water in Waikiki is clear and not too deep so I was able to find them easily, but you can bet that I’m going to get a $5 strap for next time so this doesn’t happen again.



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  1. Good idea, I have lost several pairs of sunglasses while kayaking in Crystal River when I turned over the kayak while looking for manatees. There are hundreds in the river right now, this time of year they partition off the river to protect the sea cows. Luckily, my sunglasses were not that expensive, but were my favorites, so will have to follow this tip.

  2. This is a great tip. Last summer in Maui, I lost my prescription Oakleys thanks to wave that knocked them off. I looked for them but finally gave up. I spent the rest of our vacation with cheap “ABC Store” sunglasses.

  3. My son found some nice, but slightly scratched, Oakleys while snorkeling in Waikiki in August. Great find.


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