Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Fall for Travel Scams

ScamDon’t Fall for Travel Scams
It drives me batty when my Facebook page and/or email inbox gets clogged with information about free plane tickets, cruises, hotels, etc. There’s an old saying: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” Don’t ever send money to claim a prize, or even click any links from people you don’t know. Nine out of 10 times, those ‘promotions’ are scams, including this one that I occasionally get from a friend’s hacked email or Facebook account.



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  1. Basil Minickene says:

    Most Delta flights to Italy are operated by Allitalia.I booked my flight with Delta in Dec 2013 for a March 2014 trip to Rome and chose my seat on Deltas web sight.On a follow up call I found the seats were changed and the Delta staff response was “they have a right to change seats”
    In addition ” I should have contacted Allitalia for seat assignments”.No where in the booking process on Deltas sight is a statement to “contact Alitallia for seating”.
    I did contact Alitalia and reserved seats but to add more fuel to the fire Delta refuses to acknowledge the new seats assign by Alitalia. I’m left with two flight confirmations and two sets of seat assignments.Thought I was the customer.


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