Travel Tip of the Day: Label Your Electronics

LumiaLabel Your Electronics
Thousands of electronic gadgets (phones, laptops, cameras) get left behind every day at security checkpoints (and in overhead bins) around the world. Have you ever inadvertently done this? Sucks, right? To increase your chances of getting your valuables back, put a label on the back of them with your contact information.



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  1. Do you recommend just your address on the label? I was thinking of adding an email address as well…..your thoughts?

  2. What kind of label maker made that?

  3. I immediately labeled my electronics for a trip tomorrow!! Thanks!

  4. I left a pair of Bose headphones on a plane once, and because I had placed a business card inside the case (there’s a place for that), I was paged in the airport and got my headphones back. The airline employee who returned them told me that most people don’t put any ID information on their belongings. It’s a great idea.

  5. Couldn’t agree more!
    I lost my Kobo just a few months after I bought it because I didn’t bother labeling it :(

  6. Lynda Cook says:

    On my iPad I put a note on the sign in page with cell number, email and a note that if it was lost I would immediately erase it and report it as stolen to Apple and the police. It would be better for it to be returned for a reward.

  7. Doug Bardwell says:

    I got an iPod Classic back after two weeks because of the label I applied.

  8. Small tages that can be read by a cellphone, if you don’t want your personal information visible to a casual observer.

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