Travel App of the Week: Steller

StellerHere’s a new iPhone app that’s really clever and easy to use (according to my wife, at least, since she has an iPhone and I have Android and Windows devices). Steller’s tagline is “Everyone has a story to tell. Tell yours with photos, videos, and text all right from your iPhone.”

With this free app you can:

  • Easily design and publish your stories
  • Share your stories via social networks, email, SMS, blogs or websites
  • Organize your stories into collections that others can follow
  • Republish community stories to your own collections to save them for later
  • Discover and follow creative and inspiring stories in food, fashion, adventure and more!

Watching their demo almost makes me want to go out and get an iPhone for my travel stories. For now, I’ll just use Natalie’s phone.

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