Travel Tip of the Day: Get Ahead of Jetlag

JetlagGet Ahead of Jetlag
The best way to combat jetlag is by getting yourself on the local (where you’ll be traveling) schedule as soon as possible. I usually start the day before I fly (some people start two days before) by going to bed later or earlier according to the time difference, and the moment I get on the plane, I set my phone clock and watch to the time of my destination. I then try to eat and sleep (a good eye mask like this one really helps) at the times appropriate for my destination. By the time I arrive, my body has already started to adjust.

For more help combatting jetlag, check out this app we featured last year.



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  1. I have never had “jet lag” in spite of the thousands of miles I have traveled. I only sleep 4 hours in any 24 and that is probably the reason.

  2. Gail Costa says:

    Sure, that’s nice, but you travel first class and have a bad. Try sleeping comfortably in economy for 3 or 4 hours.

  3. Difficult to do when your destination, Colombo, Sri Lanka is 12 hours ahead (or behind) and your actual flying time is 24 hours + or – 1/2 hour. Then you add layover times. It took me 12 days to get back to normal! How do the pilots handle this? Perhaps they get back soon enough. I do need a solution. Please help. Anyone


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