Travel Tip of the Day: Pack for the Weather

AustriaPack for the Weather
I’m borrowing this line from my buddy Rick Steves, but I’ve heard it countless times, and from many people: “In Europe, there’s no such thing as bad weather—only inappropriate clothing.” It’s true. So do a little research and know what you’re traveling into. Check the weather forecast (using resources like my travel weather page) in advance and pack accordingly so you won’t be surprised, sorry and too hot or cold to fully enjoy your trip.

FYI: The photo above was taken in Melk, Austria, which was pretty brisk when Natalie and I visited it on our incredible European Christmas market cruise with Viking.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have, by experience, learned my lesson. Encountering 100+ degrees in Provence in May (definitely didn’t bring summer clothes), to a snow storm in Venice in February, thinking it might be mild (packing light jackets) having just been in London the month before with very mild temperatures. All adding to the memories of the adventure, especially the snow in Venice.

  2. This is a very good tip for all those newbie travelers. Much like dressing to a party, it is the same with traveling. I always check the weather or the season of the country I’m going, luckily for me there is only one season that I love and it is summer!


  1. […] I always check the weather forecast for that day. I also check’s 10-day forecast so I know what to pack. To make it easier for myself and our loyal readers, I’ve created my own weather resource […]

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