Travel Tip of the Day: Use Your Pockets at Security

ScottevestUse Your Pockets at Security
Most passengers know the drill by now when it comes to going through security: take out your laptops and liquids, remove all metal, etc. But to make the process even quicker and safer, put all of your valuables in your jacket or luggage pockets and then walk through the metal detector or X-ray machine. Don’t just take your wallet out and watch off and throw them in a bin. It’s so easy for someone to nab them like that—and if that happens, you’ll be very, very unhappy.
FYI: The image above shows one of my absolute favorite travel products: Scottevest jackets, which have enough pockets to practically be carry-ons themselves. I wear one almost every time I travel!



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  1. I put my loose change into a ziplock baggie and stick it in the front pocket of the backpack I carry my laptop in. Instead of wearing my belt to the airport, I place it in the outside pocket of my carry-on, too. Getting ready ahead of time for the security inspection is a huge stress reliever.

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