Travel App of the Week: Cloak — Incognito Mode for Real Life

CLOAKapp_shareimageSocial media is an amazing tool for travelers who want instant information, help or to connect with friends/family—but for some, it’s just too much. Luckily, there’s now a free iPhone app to help you go incognito in real life. Cloak allows you to pull in location check-ins from your contacts on Instagram and Foursquare (Facebook is supposedly coming soon) and it maps out the positions of the people you know based on their most recent social posts and check-ins. After you click on a bubble on the map, you’ll see your friend’s name, his or her location and how long ago he or she checked in there. The friend’s image will appear faded, like a ghost, if it was a while ago. The app will even let you set up push alerts for people you really want to avoid like exes, bosses or co-workers.

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