Travel App of the Week: HotelTonight

HotelTonightI’m embarrassed that I’ve never featured HotelTonight as a “Travel App of the Week.” I thought I had, but I recently realized that I’d only made it Travel Website of the Week back in 2011 when they launched—which was before I had a Travel App of the Week column. The timing actually ends up working out well because one of the world’s most popular travel apps—which HotelTonight undoubtedly is—just got more interesting in the last few weeks.

Until recently, HotelTonight was a tool that hotels used to sell off very last-minute (9 am on the same day), unused inventory that otherwise would go empty. They then launched “Look Ahead,” a feature that gives customers a snapshot of last-minute room rates, savings and hotel availability for the week ahead.

Now, HotelTonight’s latest relaunch “enables customers to book hotel rooms up to seven days in advance, and includes many notable new features and a revamped design.” Last-minute rate drops are still available, and now for the full week ahead before you need a hotel. HotelTonight is also now available in over 500 destinations across the world.

HotelTonight is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows devices, and right now HotelTonight is kind enough to offer $25 off for first-time bookers with their award-winning app. Download the app here, and then use the promo code jjet.

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