Travel App of the Week: HotelTonight

HotelTonightI’m embarrassed that I’ve never featured HotelTonight as a “Travel App of the Week.” I thought I had, but I recently realized that I’d only made it Travel Website of the Week back in 2011 when they launched—which was before I had a Travel App of the week column. The timing actually ends up working out well because one of the world’s most popular travel apps—which HotelTonight undoubtedly is—just got more interesting in the last few weeks.

To start at the beginning, HotelTonight is a tool that hotels use to sell off, very last-minute (9 am on the same day), unused inventory that otherwise would go empty. HotelTonight is currently available in over 300 destinations across the world, and they recently launched “Look Ahead,” a new feature that gives customers a snapshot of last-minute room rates, savings and hotel availability for the week ahead. The feature helps people plan to be spontaneous, and empowers travelers to book a hotel the same day with complete confidence. Right now, “Look Ahead” is currently available for NYC, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Washington, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Dallas with more cities expected soon.

HotelTonight is available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and right now HotelTonight is kind enough to offer $30 off for first-time bookers with their award-winning app. Download the app here, and then use the promo code JOHNNYJET.

How HotelTonight works:

  • Each day at 9 am local time, HotelTonight offers last-minute hotel rooms at great values in over 300 destinations across the globe.
  • Hotel rooms can be easily booked via the app in less than 10 seconds—just three taps and a swipe from app launch to completed booking.
  • Guests can book stays of up to five nights on the app.
  • All hotels are vetted by HotelTonight staff, given a style category (like Basic, Hip or Luxe) and illustrated by mobile-optimized hotel photos.
  • Rooms can be booked until 2 am local time.
  • HotelTonight also recently announced its expansion to seven new countries and close to 50 new destinations in March alone. HotelTonight has over 9.5 million downloads and 10,000+ hotel partners in 24 countries.
  • Global Expansion Update: Most notably, HotelTonight recently added: Athens, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Lisbon, Stockholm and Warsaw to its destinations list. Other new cities on the app include Naples, Bologna and Turin in Italy; Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany; Medellín in Colombia; Cannes and Strasbourg in France; Salzburg in Austria; Rotterdam in Holland; and Bristol in England.
  • HotelTonight continues to expand overseas, adding not only dozens of new destinations, but also a new, more budget-friendly category, Crash Pad. Crash Pad, featuring hostels and other lower-priced, social properties, offers HotelTonight customers a new type of stay in select European cities. Crash Pad will be rolling out to additional markets soon.

Here’s how the new Look Ahead feature works:

  • Open one of the cities listed above, tap Look Ahead in the bottom right corner of the app and a 7-day calendar will show.
  • Select a day, and HotelTonight will reveal expected rates and savings. HotelTonight will also indicate how busy the destination is on any given day, and if any events, conferences or marketing promotions are happening in that location. Make sure to check out the feature this weekend for special launch promotions!
  • Pricing, availability and events for each day will be indicated by icons and a short description.
  • The Look Ahead feature will initially launch on iPhone and roll out to iPad and Android devices soon.
  • With Look Ahead, HotelTonight is the first booking app to give customers a peek into expected same-day hotel rates and savings up to a week in advance.


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