Travel Tip of the Day: Save on Groceries

GroceriesSave on Groceries
If you go to grocery stores often during your travels, sign up to the stores’ rewards/club programs to save money. It usually takes just a few minutes and the savings can be significant (especially in the U.S.) and more importantly, immediate.

FYI: The fruit-heavy grocery store above is Bali, where my wife and I spent part of our honeymoon.



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  1. nancy reid says:

    Great TIP Johnny. We have every grocery card out there. It sure does save $$

  2. DMLblane says:

    When we travel we like to go to cities with apartotels with efficiency kitchen included in the accomodation, we try to get places that are within an easy walk of a convenience/grocery store. We always do this when we visit Buenos Aires and stay in the Recoleta district. Have not seen membership cards in any of the places we stay, but then again, we haven’t looked!!!

  3. I have gone online and registered for a store’s reward card before going on a trip. But once in Sedona a clerk asked if I had a reward card, I said no I was visiting. She said, no problem I have one here to use with vacationers. What a nice surprise. Now I ask clerk’s if they have cards they can swipe for visitors.

  4. When I’m in another city, I’m surprised when one of my grocery cards works in a different, but related, chain.

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