Travel Tip of the Day: Talk Softly on the Phone

DadTalk Softly on the Phone
I’m sure you’ve come across those people on planes, airports, hotels, restaurants, boats and other public places: It’s the 21st century, and they still haven’t figured out that we don’t need to talk really LOUD into cell phones for the other person to hear us. They aren’t shells, people. There’s no reason why the person next to you—let alone the person across the room—needs to know everything that’s going on in your life, or what movie you just watched, or what business deal you’re working on. Seriously.

Please lower your voice and while you’re at it, your ringer as well. I can talk on the phone in almost a soft whisper at this point, and I always make sure to do so so I don’t disturb anyone. And you know what? The person on the other end never says, “What? I can’t hear you.”


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4 thoughts on “Travel Tip of the Day: Talk Softly on the Phone”

  1. I remember sitting in a plane waiting to take off before they told us to shut off our phones and this guy was not only speaking loudly, but he had it on speaker phone, and was using it like a walkie talkie it would play a tone every time he’d release the talk button or get a message. I think it made him look very important, but he really just looked like an ass.

    A lot of your tips seem to revolve around being courteous to your fellow traveler. Good on you for that! A lot of these tips seem to be common sense, which is getting less and less “common” these days.

    Thanks again for all the great info. I’ll be checking you out this weekend on Leo Laporte’s podcast.


  2. Johnny, I hope you spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear what you said. That is a great tip and very much needed.

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