Travel Tip of the Day: Use Uber or Lyft Instead of a Taxi

Uber/LyftUse Uber or Lyft Instead of a Taxi
In last Friday’s tip, I shared a great deal available right now on ride-sharing service Lyft. Well, we received a lot of questions from people asking for more information on how to use rise-sharing services, so here’s what to do: Set up an Uber or Lyft account on your smartphone (see links below)!

Services like Uber and Lyft come in really handy when you can’t find a taxi, and actually, most people who have used them prefer them over taxis because they’re more convenient—and if you use the uberX version, less expensive. UberX uses non-limo vehicles and charges 35% less than taxis. Lyft facilitates peer-to-peer ride-sharing and their drivers do not charge “fares” but receive “donations,” which are typically 30% cheaper than taxis. Here are my posts on both services for even more info:

  • Uber/uberX ($20 off first ride with the promo code)
  • Lyft (free ride up to $50 for new users)


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  1. well doc, the last thing I can remeber was while the uber/lyft driver was looking at the three ipads on his dash board cursing something about missing a ‘gravy run’ at 65 mph?

    Suddenly I looked and we were leaving the road? I think we went airborn but I really am not sure cause every thing sorta went black after I banged my head against the window that blew out and cut my face to ribbons?


    Well I have Obamacare but I am sure the TNC million non admitted off shore carrier dollar insurance would apply for me and the lil ol lady and the children we hit?

    Excess lines? No I dont have coke?

    Doc? Doc? Where are you going? Come back!

  2. Great tip, been using Lyft and very satisfied with their services.

  3. haven’t tired Uber yet , will try this out. Thanks

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