Travel Website of the Week: Packnada

PacknadaWith all of the hassles these days of checking bags and even carrying them on (did you see this week Frontier Airlines has joined Spirit and Allegiant in charging for carry-ons?), I can definitely see a rise in services like new startup Packnada. Unfortunately, Packnada is only valuable right now for frequent travelers to Singapore (if you travel to Singapore once every three months, says one of its founders) but I think those able to use it—and everyone, in theory—will love the idea of being able to travel with just their passport and the clothes on their back. It’s real, hassle-free travel.

Here’s how it works: Instead of packing for every trip, travelers can leave a set of clothes with Packnada after they first sign up. Then, every time they fly in, their essentials will be waiting at their hotel concierge so they can just pick them up when they check in. After their trip, they leave their clothes with the hotel concierge and fly home again luggage-free. Their clothes, meanwhile, are cleaned and stored to be ready for the next trip.

The service is a flat $99 per trip that covers everything from full-service laundry to storage of 20 items up to 3 to deliveries. There’s also a free trial for new users if you’d like to check it out before paying.

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