Travel Website of the Week: Adioso

AdiosoKnow when you want to get away but don’t know where to go? Or maybe the other way around? Adioso is a new travel search and booking app that might be able to help. It’s being billed as the world’s first travel search app that’s built to work the way travel-loving humans think about travel. It’s for those who don’t always know exactly what dates they want to travel, or even exactly where they want to go.

Adioso frames its search in ways that match the way you think, like: “Southeast Asia in late January for 10 to 15 days ” or “7 marathons worth traveling for” and then they match up your results. I just did a search for the “Best beaches in the world” and it showed me results for Seychelles, Hawaii, Maldives, Bali, Bora Bora, Fraser Island, St. Bart’s, Anguilla, and more. It’s a pretty neat way to search and get some good ideas on prices.

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