Glowing comb jelly

Glowing comb jelly fish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Credit: Jen Melo)

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Vineyards at Carmel Valley RanchKayaking in Monterey Bay. Photo by John David Van KirkChina Cove in Point Lobos Nature Reserve. Photo by Jen MeloUpside down jellyfish. Photo by Jen MeloJanna Jo Williams at Earthbound FarmButternut squash soup, served at Carmel Valley Ranch. Photo by Jen MeloColton Hall at night. Photo by Jen MeloLantern-like dessert at Sierra Mar restaurant. Photo by Jen MeloDivers keep the glass clean at Monterey Bay Aquarium's kelp forest exhibit (Credit: Jen Melo)The garden view at La Playa Carmel Hotel (Credit: Jen Melo)Chef Tim Cook and winemaker Russell Joyce lead a tour of Carmel Valley RanchCreme brûlée topped with pomegranate seeds at Carmel Valley Ranch (Credit: Jen Melo)Roasted butternut squash at Carmel Valley Ranch (Credit: Jen Melo)Vineyard view at Carmel Valley Ranch (Credit: Jen Melo)It's salt, not snow at Carmel Valley Ranch's salt house (Credit: Jen Melo)Organic garden at Carmel Valley Ranch (Credit: Jen Melo)La Playa Carmel Hotel exterior view (Credit: Jen Melo)La Playa Carmel Hotel pool view (Credit: Jen Melo)la-playa-carmel-hotel-garden-viewFresh fruit for breakfast at La Playa Carmel Hotel (Credit: Jen Melo)California's First Theatre, built in 1846-47 (Credit: Jen Melo)Point Lobos State Nature Reserve (Credit: Jen Melo)Get close to harbor seals while kayaking (Credit: John David Van Kirk)Hiking in Point Lobos Nature Reserve (Credit: Jen Melo)A table with a view at Cindy's Waterfront restaurant (Credit: Jen Melo)
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Jennifer Melo is a Toronto-based writer and digital content specialist whose favourite vacation non-activity is lounging in the sun on a beautiful stretch of beach. She’s also a cake-decorating hobbyist and creator of

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