Travel Product of the Week: Breathometer

BreathometerSummer is quickly approaching, which means you may be among the many people who will soon be heading to the beach or lake to cool down and have some fun with family and friends. Hopefully, you’ll not be having any drinks and then driving, since it’s never worth the risks. But if you’ve had one or two drinks and want to see if you’re legal to drive, then check out this keychain-size device that transforms any smartphone into a high-tech breathalyzer. It allows you to check your blood alcohol content in seconds.

This FDA-approved Breathometer connects to any iOS or Android smartphone and, along with the app, measures blood alcohol concentration, and its “Back to Zero” feature gives guidance on how long until you’ll be sober and safe to drive. It even provides push-button access to local taxi and car services so you can get home safely! Breathometer retails for only $49.

Good to know: Breathometer just partnered with Fathers Against Drunk Driving (FADD) and is donating a portion of Breathometer sales to FADD programs to help promote responsible driving.

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