Travel Tip of the Day: Adaptor + Power Strip

StripAdaptor + Power Strip
I’ve talked about the value of bringing a power strip before, but here’s another benefit: Instead of buying multiple individual plug adaptors, with a power strip, you can just buy one (or if you travel a lot, then buy one multi-country adaptor like this one). That way you can plug multiple cords in and just use one outlet. And that’s key, since a lot of hotel rooms and cabins (on cruises) only have one or two outlets.



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  1. I’ve used the Conair for several trips around the world.
    All-in-one with a USB (unfortunately only 1.0). Whatever the device, make sure surge protection is included. And look for newer models with 2.1 USB.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there a specific brand or type i should have? I had two burn out on me when trying to plug them in (once in Rome and once on a European Cruise ship).

  3. Ed Alber says:

    I have used an Outlets To Go 3 power strip for the last 3 years. Has 3 AC and 1 USB outlet. 6 inches long with a 12 inch cord. Packs into a neat package. Takes a lot less space than a standard power strip.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    I also pack an extension cord along with the power strip. I leave them in my luggage from trip to trip. That way they are never forgotten. I also pack magnets to hold daily cruise schedule to cabin walls and a bungee cord to hold doors open when necessary.

  6. I like the little Belkin. It has 3 outlets and 2 USB ports, is also a surge protector and has a swivel-head – and isn’t much larger than a stick of butter. ( ). It is around $16 at Perfect for US travel and they plug right in to adapters while traveling abroad.

  7. I have been traveling with an extension cord for years and it has gotten out of a few jams. Great tip.

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