Travel Website of the Week: AirHelp

AirHelpAirHelp is a brilliant website, app and service that will help you get the money owed to you by the airlines when things go wrong. AirHelp helps airline passengers around the world secure compensation over delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. Most travelers don’t know that they can get up to $1,300 in cash for domestic flights and $800 for flights in the European Union when these sorts of things happen (sometimes, at least).

Basically, AirHelp is an airline’s worst nightmare because it fights for those who are unsure of their rights, or lack the time, confidence or expertise to embark on their claims process independently. According to Yahoo Travel, they’ve been in business for a year and have already helped 25,000 frustrated fliers. AirHelp doesn’t charge a fee if they don’t get you cash but if they do they get 25% of your reward, which seems fair to me. Have you used it? What do you think?


  1. Awesome site, i was not aware about this site and their services, this will help to many users, i will retweet now in my twitter, Thanks for your efforts to create awesome post,. cheers, Paul

  2. As you wrote, it’s a great service for anyone who doesn’t care or doesn’t have time to handle such situations on their own and is willing to pay 25% commission (count 25% from €600 which is possible amount of delayed flight compensation)… for others, there is a free mobile app called ClaimAir where you simply input your flight details and it tells you what you are entitled to receive from the airline and gives you instructions how to get it on the go.

  3. ….”For domestic U.S. flights, we can help you claim for compensation only when the airlines have overbooked your flight.” That was their answer to my flight that was cancelled because the ground crew broke the tail wing off the plane. Guess it doesn’t work very well afterall.


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