Travel Tip of the Day: Order Room Service as a Backup Wake-up Call

Room serviceOrder Room Service as a Backup Wake-up Call
If you absolutely have to be up early for a meeting or flight, and you don’t want to rely on your alarm clock, your cell phone or the front desk, then order room service as a quadruple backup wake-up call. As a bonus, you get to wake up to hot coffee/tea and/or food.



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  1. Linda Lowe says:

    Great tip — we do this on cruises. When we have a port day and want to avoid the crowds at the buffet as everyone scrambles to eat before their excursions, we order room service to wake us up in time and to have a quiet breakfast before a busy day!

    • Phillip Scroggins says:

      …Although it USUALLY works very well on cruises (where the steward knows you personally and depends on your tips…), in a hotel it is often a different story. I have had hotels forget to deliver breakfast, deliver it late (making it useless as a wake-up call) and STILL charge me for it, and deliver it cold! Not a reliable method…

  2. How do we know if it’s available and can we book it though our online booking? I thin that would be a good idea, especially since I’m so forgetful and lazy

  3. I have tried and used this tip recently on a cruise. The room service awoke us before the wake up call arrived. It was a pleasure as we were rushing to get up and out not to miss our excursion. It is easy and the coffee is hot. Sometimes we don’t even finish the breakfast but we usually get a 15 minute head start. Great tip and helps relieve the stress of the pushing and shoving.

  4. Ralph Jones says:

    Just used it at the Four Seasons Bangkok, however they suggested it with complementary coffee service at 3:45am following a 3:30 wake up call!

  5. We always do this on cruise ship, the rooms dont have alarm clocks and if your in a inside cabin unless you look at your watch you have no idea if its day or night. Even if we don’t order a full breakfast we will order coffee, tea, juice or ice water.
    The inroom dining always says delivery between certain time slot of half hour say 7-7.30, so it might come at 7.01 or 7.29

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