Travel Tip of the Day: Stand Away from the Baggage Carousel

CarouselStand Away from the Baggage Carousel
I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves when I check a bag (which is very rarely) is when everyone rushes to baggage claim and hovers over the carousel so you can’t see or grab your bag when it finally comes out (if it even does come out). Just stand clear of the carousel and approach it when you see your bag, please.

P.S. I love that carousels in many Asian airports have a line about three feet away reminding people to stand back (seen above, in Bangkok). I wish the U.S. would do the same.


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  1. Yes, I try to do this as to give everyone a view of the carousel. Unfortunately, many invariably then go and stand in front of me and I end up ducking and twisting trying to see if my bags are coming through.

  2. Never seen a carousel that wasn’t 2 deep when the luggage started to come down. What make life fun is when they use multiple luggage chutes for a flight or when the passenger races to catch their luggage b4 it goes to the other side the wall. Does anyone check for baggage claim tags anymore? Black luggage should be forbidden.

  3. I’ve seen lots of people knocked around by unexpected swinging bags, from robust adults to tiny children to older people. Sometimes by their own family members. Your entire party does not need to be crowding the carousel to get your bags people!

  4. I stand close to the carousel, but generally I pick the location farthest from the entry. Usually I’m the only one there… and I can see far enough up the line to identify my bag. Works for me, and doesn’t bother anyone else either! :)

  5. I always wait until the vast majority of people on my flight have collected their bags before I even approach the baggage carousel. An extra 15 minutes in the airport is more than a fair price to pay for reduction of stress that comes from being pushed around by those just a little too eager! Just go get a coffee, then come back for your bags. Sorted!

  6. nancy reid says:

    Yes we use this tip. What’s good about it you can get a bird’s eye view. I once saw someone take my bag by mistake. If I was on top of the carousel I might have missed it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree! I got trampled at LAX.


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