Travel Website of the Week: Inspired by Locals

Inspired by LocalsInspired by Locals is a site created by European travel bloggers that helps travelers from all over get inspired and travel like locals by finding local hotspots based on social media check-ins. Here’s how it works: You enter your destination/venue and then check out the best venues, as rated by the locals. Then, they create an itinerary and save your trip. I brought up my hometown of Manhattan Beach and it showed the most popular place for each category but not the places I recommend. Here’s that Manhattan Beach list.


  1. mmm nice site

  2. Hey guys, love the article, thanks for the plug :-)

  3. A Spotted by Locals rip-off

    • Hi Asif, I wasn’t even aware of a spotted by locals, shows how much I know :-) We aren’t really like Spotted by Locals because they use real local people to build their city guides whereas ours is built purely on social media check in data and then cross checked with reviews, all anonymous but means it isn’t based on one person’s opinion. I hope that makes sense, it’s all about data for us and we aren’t restricted to any destinations. It’s basically wherever we have data.

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