Roy Vicker’s Gallery

Roy Vicker’s Gallery in Tofino

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Whale's tail in Clayoquot SoundChesterman BeachAncient Cedars SpaAncient Cedars Spa's couple's massage roomTacofinoTacofino fish tacoCedar hatJamie's Whaling Cap'n BenjMaquinna PreserveDeogieCedar treesHot Springs CoveGeorgie Jet and another old treeInnchanter B&BSpotted Bear Chocolate CakeLeaving Vancouver IslandRoom 214 at Wickaninnish InnView from the bath at the WickPet-friendly WickaninnishBalcony at room 214 at the WickRolling surf on Vancouver IslandWickaninnish's Chesterman BeachView from balcony of room 214Wickaninnish native artThe Wickaninnish's PointeThe Pointe's Black Pearl OystersSpotted Prawns at The PointeThe Pointe's LingcodChamomile Granite at The PointeHenry Nola doors at the WIckTofino Sea Kayaking dockLiam McNeil of Tofino Sea KayakingTofino Sea KayakingKayaking in TofinoClayoquot Sound kayakingAncient treeGeorgie Jet and the big treeMeares Island boundLiam of Tofino Sea KayakingTofino Sea KayakingSobo's ceviceTofino antique churchRoom with a viewWickaninnish Inn sunsetChesterman Beach at sunsetWalking into the Wickaninnish InnThe Wick's Driftwood CaféDriftwood's latteJax at Wick's Driftwood CaféView from Wick room 214Out on Vancouver Island's Long BeachGeorgie Jet heading to VancouverVIew of Vancouver Island
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